Sarah Scott

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Studying Martial Arts Since: She was 4 years old!

Sarah is the lead instructor for the kids American Kenpo program. Sarah has been instructing since 2010 and has been an active practitioner of martial arts since she was four years old. In addition, Sarah has a NFHS certification in: "Coaching Unified Sports", "Concussions in Sports", "Heat Illness Prevention", "Positive Sport Parenting", and "First Aid, Health, and Safety for Coaches." Sarah's favorite part about teaching kenpo karate is watching her students progress both in martial arts and in other aspects of their lives. She says, "Watching a student grow in confidence and skill is so rewarding." Sarah also adds, "I love teaching at the Training Station because we're all a family. The atmosphere is encouraging and fun to be around."

She is also a full time student at Saint Anslem College in Manchester, NH. Sarah likes going to beach in her free time and you can always catch her listening to country music!