Sifu Aaron Butler


Aaron Butler began martial arts in Kenpo at the age of six.  In high school, he trained at The Center for Self Defense, where he was first introduced to Kung Fu and Sanda (chinese kickboxing).  He later began taking Ju jitsu classes and studied boxing while attending Curry College.

Aaron's martial studies began leading him into Chinese Martial arts when he was 19. He threw himself into as many different practices as he could get his hands and feet on until stumbling upon Xing Yi Chuan, which later would become his main focus in the arts.

In 2004 Aaron Butler began teaching full time in Manchester, NH, and joined The Training Station in 2010. He also trains Muay Thai and MMA with Kru John Johnston, BJJ and Judo with Professor Bernadette, and Superfoot and MMA with Master Terry Dow.  

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Continuing to test himself Aaron competes in competitive kickboxing and push hands competitions while training in many different styles under many different masters. Aaron greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge in the martial, meditative, and healing arts.


  • Student Level 3 in Liq Chuan under Master Sam Chin

  • Instructor Level 1 in Enlightenment Studies and Martial Arts under  Master Ping Zhen Cheng

  • 3rd Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu under Master James Rath

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate under Shihan Robert Nohelty

  • Black Belt in Superfoot Systems under Master Bill Wallace

  • Currently training Sityodtong Muay Thai under Undefeated Heavy Weight MMA Champion Kru John Johnston

  • Currently training Brazillian Jui Jitsu under multiple gold medalist in Judo and BJJ Prof Bernadett Robin