Manchester, NH Group Fitness


Find new limits for yourself and surpass them! We offer everything from individual free weights to communal training classes. To amp up your experience and results, we add in kettlebells, heavy rope work, and more!

Increase your agility, endurance and boost your metabolism with our various circuit training classes. TRX and HIIT workouts are among our most popular. Take a closer look at our training classes here!



Learn self defense, discipline and sculpt lean muscle in one of our ten unique Martial Arts classes. From introductory Kickboxing to Jiu Jitsu & kung fu, we provide instructional training for all age groups and experience levels.

Develop greater flexibility, discipline and strength in a fun and uplifting atmosphere. Learn more about our individual Martial Arts programs here!


Who we serve

Here at The Training Station, we believe in teaching self defence and building confidence for every member of the family!



Let's make training FUN again! It is never too late in your life to develop a new passion or hone an old skill. Whether you are looking to gain experience in the martial arts, or simply relieve stress while improving your physical fitness, we have a class that will work for you. Join a community of people who are looking to fully enjoy their athletic development, while their kids attend classes designed for their age groups. We know that life can get busy, so we offer classes to fit the interests and schedules of everyone in your family!


Young adults aged 10.5 and older are welcomed join our fitness classes or explore our teen programs!  

With the goal of instilling confidence and amplifying mental focus, these classes are designed to develop the power of growing athletes. Self defense techniques and sparring drills are taught with safe and motivational instruction, teaching teenagers to develop, harness, and control their strength


With our youth programs, we are looking to foster a love for fitness and martial arts, and an appreciation for discipline early in your child’s life! All classes are taught by Master Instructor Terry Dow, who has25+ years of teaching experience with children. Beginning with coordination and balance activities, and advancing into martial arts  instruction, we will meet your child’s comfortability level and work with them to raise it!



Our facility has a boxing ring, padded MMA wall, strength and conditioning gym, and showers. We also offer open rolling/sparing, open gym time, and personal training.