Realtor Self-Defense Workshops

About the Course

This course has been approved through the NH Real Estate Commission to facilitate the necessary training and preparation for self defense in this industry.  Enhance your strength, agility, and self-awareness while learning basic self-defense techniques. This course will equip you with the necessary skills for recognizing and, if required, dealing with potentially dangerous situations. We can host this workshop at your location of choice, or you can come to our gym.

How our training works

Relevant scenarios are presented in a realistic, high-pressure atmosphere to optimize your training and response time. Certified instructors will give you constant feedback as you apply each move against them in a safe, controlled environment. Experience how it feels to utilize your full strength and gain a better understanding of how your body will respond under stress.

This is a hands-on seminar including such subjects as:

  • Situational Awareness and Avoidance

  • Basic striking and kicking techniques

  • Escapes from common grabs and holds

By successfully completing this 2 hour course, you’ll receive:

  • 2 Education Credit Hours

  • Instruction on basic self defense techniques

  • Crucial, proactive tips for recognizing a potentially dangerous situation

Contact us with dates you are interested in.