Greg Wehrle CMP

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Studying Martial Arts Since: 1983

Greg started practicing and studying martial arts in 1983. He is the head instructor of the American Kenpo system at The Training Station. Greg's favorite part about teaching is watching the development and growth of self-confidence, integrity, and physical stamina. He also enjoys watching his students grow emotionally and intellectually through studying the practice of martial arts. When he is not teaching or practicing American Kenpo, you can find Greg partaking in Judo and Jiu Jitsu.

Greg says his favorite part about teaching at The Training Station is that the staff is very welcoming. "Everyone is willing to learn from one another and help out when needed, the staff truly is the heart of this studio."  He says that no matter an instructor or student's skill level, everyone is willing help and learn one another.
He has a Bachelor of Science from Ball State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. In his off time, he enjoys disc gold and listening to music.