Superfoot Systems

The Training Station is the Northeast Superfoot Systems Headquarters! Master Terry Dow is Top Student to Grand Master Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Superfoot is the former Undefeated Middleweight Kickboxing champion 1975 to 1983 known for his extremely fast Left Leg and sneaky Techniques. the System is Developed through a lifetime of Full Contact competition. From Stretching and flexibility to footwork and combinations. Superfoot has a masters Degree in Physiology and Kinesiology. Starting as a high school wrestler, Judo in the Air Force, Beginning his Karate training while Stationed in Okinawa.

Terry Dow is the President of Superfoot systems, Top student, and Lineage holder of the System.

Weekly classes and Privates available from Master Dow. Superfoot systems can be learned as an add on to your existing system or a stand alone unique curriculum. Superfoot is hosted twice annually at the training station with annual Black belt testing hosted on Site.