6 Week competition grappling session


Arthur Buckholz

Starting July 13

art working out.jpeg

Just like the title says.. This class will be covering the basics to advanced of competition at all levels. If you are looking for just a good workout to get your blood pumping, an upper edge on the grappling scene through GI or No-Gi competitions, or if you are thinking about getting in the cage/ring for MMA this class will help you.. This class will be covering stand up grappling, takedowns, ground grappling from the bottom position and from the top position. It will also cover submissions from standing, top position and bottom position with the GI and No-Gi Defensive position from punches for MMA on the ground and everything in between that comes up.

Grappling has been around for along time through the Olympics as wrestling to World Competitions in BJJ, to MMA. Each level has its own identity but if you look close enough to each of them, they are the same ... This is what the Competition Grappling class is all about. To make you as a student understand that you can always add something to your game at any level that you are at.